My journey with Sagicor started in 2011 when I enrolled in the summer internship programme, which at that time, and even now, was probably the most coveted programme among university students seeking employment in the financial industry.

On our first day, we had orientation, which entailed the usual activities – icebreakers, introductions and learning about the company and its values. From that day, the SCRIPT became your new way of life and I think we are all the better for it, both in our professional and personal lives.

I also remember at orientation many Sagicor team leaders, clad in what I thought were million-dollar suits, came to address us. They spoke with immense clarity and had us, awestruck interns, in a daze, dreaming that one day we would be on the giving end of the trance we were under. One particular leader said that as a summer intern you were expected to give a fair day’s work and be eager to learn as much as possible. However, in just my first week at Sagicor, I found it impossible to just give a fair day’s work since there is, and has never been, anything fair about Sagicor. The company is truly exceptional, and I think we owe that to our many Sagicor heroes.

My working lifetime has been short, but of all the companies that I’ve ever worked with, Sagicor has surely been my favourite. And to this day, after joining the family officially in 2014, I have had no regrets. My time here has been challenging but rewarding as being here has allowed me to achieve many of my personal goals. For that and being selected as the reigning TMOY in our golden anniversary, I am truly thankful.

What is gold may never rust, so keep shining my Sagicor family!