Creative and Managing Director; Director of Operations, Tesori Brands Limited – Sagicor Bank SME Client for less than a year

Sagicor Bank has provided us with multiple products and services for our business that have allowed us to expand our business reach and has given us as business owners the confidence to do business with them. They were the first financial institution that reviewed our portfolio and didn’t say we were dreaming too big. Sagicor Bank embraced our vision and adapted it as their own whilst recommending the best options with the greatest return on investment.

We truly enjoy banking with Sagicor Bank because they have taken the time to understand our business, review our business model and have supported our vision. With Sagicor we matter as a business and are dealt with by real people delivering amazing results. Sagicor was there when we launched our first retail store, not only assisting us with our grand opening, but referred customers to our products. We appreciate Sagicor Bank and their dedicated team members for believing in our products and services; Because of Sagicor, Tesori Brands Limited will continue to dream bigger.