Supervisor – Claims Administration and Project Service

I have spent 31 year and 6 months at Sagicor to date – ‘golden years’ you could say. The importance Sagicor has placed on Team members’ Feelings, giving us Empowerment to operate and manage with Emotional Intelligence and Wellness, to name a few investments this great Company has placed on it’s most valued assets – the human resources.
“I am Sagicor”, sharing in the Company’s benefits of growth and development.

My “Beyond Gold” moment during my tenure was December 4, 2003 – the night I was crowned the first Miss Sagicor – it was the beginning of the transition from Life of Jamaica to Sagicor, so I was crowned and sashed by the last Miss LOJ (Life of Jamaica). It was an emotional, transformational moment, like ….
“hat off to the past, crown on for the future”; never to forget my past, but proud to be part of change with ‘new horizons’.