“We are what we repeatedly do.  Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit” – Aristotle   I have always live by this quote which has resonated with me both in my personal and profession life.  I joined the Pan Caribbean family in February 2009, having always wanted to enter into the financial sector.  I remembered growing up accompanying my mother to the bank on month ends how I always looked forward to how the tellers looked and how they greeted you with warmth and professionalism.  Always trying to include me in the conversation with my Mother and ask how I was doing……..I thought, one day I’m going to be just like them.

It comes as no surprise then that throughout my banking career I have always sought to offer the best customer service to both my existing and potential clients.  I remember the days of being on the teller line when customers waited purposely in line to ensure they are served by me because of the pleasant interaction.  It’s always heart-warming when they express their gratitude at my professional and cheerful demeanor and my willingness to help and eventually resolve their concerns or issues.  This has allowed me to build beautiful relationships with the customers I serve over the years and allowed be to refer significant business to the bank;  fostering the transition from my role as Teller to Client Services officer to my current role as Personal Banking Officer.  I am now benefitting from referrals directly from customers who own my success and therefore feel inclined to give me business as they are happy to celebrate my growth in the organization.

My Sagicor story has been one paved with beautiful and successful experiences, enhanced by the excellent working relationships that I continue to maintain with my colleagues having been constantly referred to as a team player.  I hope to continue to build on this legacy as my career progresses.